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  • Executive

-Oversight over all committees and personnel issues related to paid staff members.

-All other functions as prescribed in the By-laws of ICS

  • Strategic Planning/Assessment – Chair: Kevin Magdon

-Long-range planning for ICS

-Outcomes Assessment & Organizational effectiveness

-Evaluation of operational plans on an annual basis

  • Fundraising/Finance/Audit – Chair: Tom Palmer

-Fund-raising for development

-Grant writing for organizational advancement


-Internal Auditing

  • International Visitors – Chair: TBD

-Selection of International visitor programs

-Hospitality capacity building

-Recruitment, selection & training of host families

-Welfare of international visitors including insurance and safety

  • Global Education – Chair: TBD

-Develop and promote initiatives (dialogues, lectures, etc.) that promote awareness,

knowledge, skills for understanding and relating to peoples, cultures, and nations in

the increasingly interdependent global community.

-Collaborate with International Visitors Subcommittee to program international

visitors and students to promote cross-cultural education in the community.

-Oversight of all aspects surrounding the ICS scholarship program.

-Oversee and promote diner exchange program with local colleges and universities.

  • Nominating – Chair: TBD

        –Nominates slates of officers and directors to be elected at annual           meeting; also fills  acancies   created by resignations, expiring term or otherwise.

        –Assist new Directors during their 1st year on the board.


  • Membership/Volunteering – Chair:  TBD

-Recruitment of members and volunteers

-Marketing and branding of ICS

-Engaging members and volunteers to work towards the mission and goals of ICS