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    • May 2014 we welcomed a group from Serbia with the theme “Accountable Governance: Small/Medium Enterprise Development”

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    • The week of April 22nd we hosted a group from Turkmenistan  for a week long visit  with a theme of “Mass Media”


    • April 16 – 19 We welcomes a NCIV group from Kirghistan with a focus on combating human trafficking


    • March 1 – 9th: We hosted an Open World group from Kyrgyzstan with the visitors here to learn about investigative reporting


    • November 3rd – 8th:  Edward R. Murrow program with ten visitors from south and central Asia


    • October 19th  – 27th:  Open World group on higher education and innovation from Russia


    • August 15th – 18th: We welcomed six visitors from the Dominican Republic that was here under the theme “Preventing Violence Against Women”


    • August 12th – 15th: We hosted a Multi-Regional group of young entrepreneurs


    • June 8th  -16th: Open World group of young Russian professionals under the theme “Open Governance”

      Open world visitors from Russia visiting Niagara Falls


    • May 14th & 15th: NCIV group “Alternatives in Higher Education” Regional Program from the Near East (Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE, & Yemen).  They visited several places around Syracuse including OCC, SUNY Morrisville, ITT Tech, OCM BOCES, and National Tractor Trailer School among others.


    • April 24 – May 5th All female Open World group from Russia with theme “Women in Entrepreneurship”
    • Oct 12 – 15th: NCIV Multi Regional Group under the theme “Sustainable Cities” – Nations being represented include Egypt, Finland, Lesotho, Mexico, Slovak Republic and Vietnam


    • Sept 14 – 18th: NCIV Multi Regional Group with the theme “Accountability in Government”



    • June 18 – 26: Open World Group from Russia under the theme “Enviromental Management”


    • July 5 – 8: NCIV Group on “Climate Change” from China

      IVLP visitors from China at CNY Regional Planning & Development Board offices, with Brian Pincelli


    •  July 24 – 27: NCIV Group from Germany here to learn about “Political, Economic & Social Open Governanc


    • April 5-8 NCIV Group from Montenegro with the theme “Education for the Disabled”


    • March 1-3: group of 5 from Azerbaijan, topic is “Journalism Education in the U.S.”


    • March 5-10: “Women & Justice” multi-regional project with 17 women (attorneys, judges, legal professionals) from 15 different countries  (Afghanistan, Bolivia, Ecuador, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Moldova, Mozambique, Nigeria, Philippines, Republic of Macedonia, Taiwan, & Turkey)
    • November 5 – 13, ICS and Open World welcomed a group from Russia here on the theme “Education”  

    • October 28 – November 3, ICS is worked once again with Syracuse University’s Maxwell and Newhouse School’s  to welcome a large group here for the annual Murrow program  

    • October 6 – 8, IVLP Palestinian group  were in Syracuse  on theme of “Hotel Management”


    • October 3 – 5th, IVLP visitor from Maylasia were here with the theme of “Renewable energy”


    • Sept 10 – Sept 18,  Open World group came from Moldova on theme of ” Agribusiness & Tourism”
      Two Moldovan visitors with host Margi Nasmann

      Two Moldovan visitors with host Margi Nasmann


Nov 5 – Nov 13,  Open World group from Russia on theme of “Social Issues: Education”, focusing on provincial towns and rural areas school education.

      • July 17 – July 29,  IVLP group from various Latin American countries on theme of “Immigration, Border Issues & Law Enforcement”
      • Oct 28 – Nov 3,  IVLP group from various near east countries (including Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Kuwait, Bahrain, Maritania, Morocco & Egypt – probably a tentative list at this time) on theme of “Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists” – program is in cooperation with Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs and The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.
      • May 21 – May 29, Group from Russia with the theme “Enviromental Management” – Open World
      • April 21 – April 29, Visitors from Malaysia and Tanzania are here to learn about “Volunteerism” – NCIV



    • April 11 – April 14, Chinese group here on “Library Management” – NCIV



    • April 3 – April 6, Group from India with a focus on “Multiculturalism” – NCIV
      • March 14 – March 17, Thailand “Grassroots Democracy” – NCIV
      • March 14 – March 16, Multi-Regional program “Women and Justice” – NCIV
      • March 14 – March 17, Multi-Regional Group with the theme “American youth, inspiring leadership and civic participation” – NCIV    
        Taking some time to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity!

        Taking some time to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity!


      • Sept 26 – Oct 4, A group from Muldova was here – OPEN WORLD
      • Sept 13 – Sept/16, One visitor from Japan stopped in Syracuse for a visit themed “Childrens rights and Refugee Resettlement” – NCIV
      • July 15 – July 18, Twelve visitors from China stopped in Syracuse for a four day visit themed “Rural Economic Development” – NCIV

        Rural Economic Development

        Rural Economic Development










    • May 9 – May 17, Several visitors from Kazahkhstan will be in Syracuse for a visit themed “Higher Education in America” – Open World
    • March 28 – April 2, Four guest from Japan toured Syracuse with the theme “Enviromental Protection & Climate Change” – NCIV
    •  April 12 – April 15, Guest from China met with professionals from Syracuse University, Syracuse Post Standard and several other news agencies on “Newsroom Management”. – NCIV

    • China "Newsroom Management"

      China “Newsroom Management”


      • April 19 – April 22, Six female guest came to learn about “Combatting violence against women”. West Bank leaders visiting Judge Michael Hanuszczak’s courtroom (Onondaga County Family Court)

      • April 22 – 25, A single guest from Romania came to tour Syracuse with the theme “Library Management”.

        Romania “Library Management”


    In 2008 the International Center of Syracuse hosted over 63 visitors in connection 13 individual leadership programs.

  * Five visitors from Azerbaijan visited CNY in November 2008 to study Accountable Governance with a focus on equal particiipation in Public/Community life for people with disabilities. This is also a program of the Open World Leadership Center.

* Eleven young journalists from Northern African countries (Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco & Tunisia) visited Syracuse in October 2008, through the Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists.

Kyrgyzstan “Rule of Law”


*    A group of five visitors from Kyrgyzstan arrived in Syracuse in October 2008 for a program focusing on Rule of Law: Combating Organized Crime, through the Open World Leaderhip Center.

* Five delegates from Moldova came to CNY in September 2008 to learn more about Public Health: HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B/C, in a program sponsored by the Open World Leadership Center.

* Three visitors from Vietnam, studying NGO’s and Civic Activism, came to CNY in August 2008.

*Four top Egyptian Archaeologists visited Syracuse in August 2008. They gave a public presentation of their recent excavations at important Egyptian sites.

* A Veterinarian from Chile, involved with Preservation & Conservation of wildlife in his home region, came to CNY in May 2008.

Saudi Boy Scout Leaders


* Eleven visitors from Saudi Arabia studying Youth Development through Scouting and other clubs, visited Syracuse in April 2008. They are all involved with Boy Scout groups in their home country.

* Five Russian educators and religious leaders visited CNY in March 2008. They came to learn about Civic and Ethical Values in Schools.

* Five women leaders from Iraq came to Syracuse in February 2008 to study the topic “Women as Political & Social Leaders”.

* A Turkish diplomat, based at the U.N. in Switzerland, who wanted to learn more about the integration of refugees, came to CNY in February 2008.

* Five visitors from Bermuda, studying Health Child & Family Development, visitied Syracuse in November 2007. They attended the ICS Annual meeting.


In 2007, the ICS hosted 57 visitors participating in 14 programs. They came from many countries, including Chile, China, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Belgium, Turkmenistan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. These visitors studied various topics while visiting Central New York, including: consumer rights, municipal energy efficiency, border inspections, biodiversity, agriculture, community revitalization, conflict resolution and civic leadership for youth, state and local government issues, prevention and treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, and journalism. In addition, they all enjoyed sightseeing in Syracuse and surrounding areas such as Seneca Falls (home of the National Women’s Hall of Fame and the Women’s Rights National Historical Park) and world-famous Niagara Falls.