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The International Center of Syracuse is dedicated to facilitating cross-cultural exchange between communities in Central New York and around the world.


The International Center of Syracuse (ICS), founded in 1965, is an independent, community-sponsored, not-for-profit organization. The idea for the Center began after a 1963 study documented the large numbers of international visitors that came to the CNY area annually in addition to resident international students. The ICS soon found that its services were both necessary for visitors and welcomed by the community. A Board of Directors was formed, and over 100 volunteers became involved in carrying out the work of the Center. Many corporate sponsors added their support to the program.

The International Center of Syracuse has served our community, its international visitors, and students for more than 50 years. Leaders from virtually every nation have participated in the visitors program sponsored by the United States Department of State (DOS). The Center has hosted annual picnics for new international students and scholars who have come to Syracuse to study, given out a series of International Citizenship Awards, and has administered a college scholarship program on behalf of the family of Betty Wiles, the founder of the International Center.


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the accessibility of international travel, but the need for building bridges across cultural difference could not be more necessary. Therefore, in the upcoming year, in addition to planning for the eventual return of in-person international visitors to Syracuse, the ICS intends to focus much of its programming on the global community that already exists here in Syracuse. We hope to serve as a hub for culturally-based organizations to connect to and collaborate with each other, in order to support, celebrate, and educate our community during these challenging times.

As we begin a new chapter in the history of the International Center of Syracuse we would love for you to take the ride with us! Click the button below to subscribe to our mailing list and/or express interest in connecting!



The International Center of Syracuse is all about making cross-cultural connections within our own community and around the world. We are proud to partner with governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations. Check out our Cultural Hub page to learn more about cultural, international, and heritage groups in Syracuse, NY.

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